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Sex Doll Male Sex Toy for Men, Pocket Pussy Ass Sex Dolls Torso Love Doll with Realistic Vagina Anus, Adult Sex Toys for Men (8.6X7.1X4.7In, 5.5LB)

Sex Doll Male Sex Toy for Men, Pocket Pussy Ass Sex Dolls Torso Love Doll with Realistic Vagina Anus, Adult Sex Toys for Men (8.6X7.1X4.7In, 5.5LB)


High quality TPE

Shipping & Returns

Free and Discreet Packaging

Care Instructions

Sex Doll Using and Cleaning:

1.Recommended use with water-based lubricant for better using experience.

2.Please wash it with fresh water and some neutral soap would be better, use a soft cloth to wipe it dry with care and then let it air-dry.

3.Recommended use Amwama sex doll washer and drying stick to clean and dry the tunnels, which is specially developed for sex doll cleaning and drying.(Not Included)

Product Maintenance:

1.After drying, gently dusting corn-starch on the surface to prevent the skin from becoming sticky and helps to extend the service life.

2.Please clean and dry with care to avoid damage to the skin.

3.Please keep away from sharp objects, keep in a cool dark place.

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 Manufacturer Part Number: PG2-001

An Amazing Realistic Pussy Ass Sex Doll - Molded from A Real Women!

This butt doll looks seductive with the 3D realistic structure, with its spread legs and a rounded bottom, it looks and feels fantastic from every angle, all these qualities join to uncover an unimaginable sexual pleasure.

The shape is designed by most men to choose and favorite sex positions - Missionary and Doggy style.

Pick Your Favorite Hole & Posture

The sex doll ass equipped with vaginal and anal closed-end entry, each hole brings completely different suction sensation.

Vaginal channel has lots of granules and bulges, which is soft and stimulating, you will have different experiences every step of the way.

Anal channel has a good suction, you will feel that she is sucking your bro. It's tighter than vagina, able to meet your fantasy for anal play.

You can adjust the posture as you like, you get to set the pace and rhythm and to generally be the dominant one.

Easy to Use and Clean

1.Recommended use with water-based lubricant for better experience.

2.Wash it with fresh water and soap, wipe it dry with a towel. Gently dusting baby powder/corn starch on the surface to prevent the skin from becoming sticky.

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Amwama 5.5 Realistic Butt Review

This was my experience from trying Amwama products for the first time.

The 5.5lb realistic butt came in a small, discreet box, wrapped in a protective bag, and right away the excitement started building. Looking at this toy makes you want to try it.
Out of the box this product has a good looking vaginal and anal orifice, and a decent feel in the hands. No unpleasant smell, there is a light layer of manufacturing/preservation dust on it that washes off with water. The placement of the anal orifice was a little higher than it should be, and the vaginal slightly lower then it should be. Very small imperfections.
The TPE material is soft and fun to squeeze. You can feel the skin texture when rubbing it with your hands. It jiggles while being firm enough. Light enough to move and change positions quickly, and it spreads apart nicely. The color of the product is good, I chose fair over wheat, The added pink onto the lips is a bonus.
Checking out the canals for the first time is an exciting thought process, the lips look and feel very similar to the real thing. It has good looking lips, it has a tight opening that fold in as you push, the lips are soft, and the channels are exciting to feel out with a finger.
The vaginal canal is a good tight, it starts with a short section that is ribbed, with love bumps on both sides of the channel, about 1 inch in is the start of the love lumps section, it has small bulbs that are covered with love bumps, the best part is the lumpy bulbs, they are all over the inside and they raise anticipation and feel great.
The anal orifice also has a tight hole, the beginning of this channel has pleasure ridges going around it, larger half-rounds that fold as you go in and out when using it. Further in the texture is covered in the small lumps, the business section of the channel.
The anal channel has a serious of speed bumps combined with love bumps to add a sensational feel, you can feel the bumps grab.
The last part of the channel has larger beads that are designed to massage the head, very exciting.
Cleaning is simple, it's small and easy to handle, I would recommend purchasing drying sticks as they help with removing the moisture from the channels.
Overall I would rate the Amwama 5.5lb realistic butt a 4.7 out of 5.
I would recommend it to anyone interested in a realistic toy.

Very good and lifelike for the value!

I went into this not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. This toy has two impressive channels that will stimulate your member like the real deal. It has some good weight to it and it has a higher quality feel than other toys out there. The only problem I noticed was that for someone larger like me, the anal hole didn’t accommodate me well. DISCLAIMER: Lube or lotion will definitely be needed for this toy unless you want to serious hurt yourself

Nick Addis
Extremely lifelike

Absolutely amazing! This is the best toy I own! I was happily surprises how super real this looks and feels. You will love this toy! A must have!

Charles R
9/10 stars

I like it, gets very wet and it’s nice and tight so it stimulates real penetration. I came several times using it in one setting. One critique I have is that it’s really heavy. So I would suggest using a bed, table, or pillow to use it. Or watch porn everything else except your phone so you can have better control.

Lots of fun, a headache to clean

This toy is alot of fun. First off its HEAVY. Its gotta weigh 5 or 6 lbs. But its actually a good thing cuz the weight and the rubber like material means this thing isnt going anywhere when you put it on a table or a countertop. The texture inside is nice its kinda ribbed and it provides nice feeling. Only downside is it is not the most fun to clean. The holes are one way so drying it out can be a little difficult make sure you get a couple of those toy drying sticks. This toy is great only thing that brings the score down is the cleaning