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Amwama is the leader in the sex doll industry. We hope that people can release their sexual desires in a healthy way and become a better version of themselves!


Sex Doll Using and Cleaning & Maintenance


1. Recommended use with water-based lubricant for better experience.

2. Please wash it with fresh water and some neutral soap would be better, use a soft cloth to wipe it dry with care and then let it air-dry.

3. After drying, gently dusting corn starch on the surface to prevent the skin from becoming sticky and helps to extend the service life.

4. Recommended use Amwama sex doll washer and drying stick to clean and dry the tunnels, which is specially developed for sex doll cleaning and drying.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

1. In the normal state or when the sex doll is not used, please keep her legs together and stay in a straight lying position to avoid damage to the joint skin.

2. Please note that the TPE sex dolls are easy to stain, please avoid choosing dark or easily faded clothes. (Lingerie is not included.)

3. Please clean and dry with care to avoid damage to the skin.

4. Please keep away from sharp objects, keep in a cool dark place.

What Is A Torso Sex Doll?

Torso sex doll is known to be quite self-explanatory. If your home does not have much space but still you want to get pleasure from a real-size sex doll then torso sex doll is a perfect solution for you. This kind of doll has a full-size head as well as a torso but be deficient in arms and legs. But don’t get sad, they are going to give you the perfect pleasure of sex as they have all the sexual as well as anatomical features just like the full-size sex dolls.

If you have a desire for a life-size sex doll but you are not able to spend a thousand bucks in order to have a perfect sexual experience then don’t get depressed because torso sex doll is here to fulfill your cravings. The benefit of having such kind of doll is that you can easily wash it after use and store it safely. If you think that getting the best satisfying sexual experience is difficult nowadays, then you are completely wrong because torso sex doll is there to surely douse your thirst for sexual needs. Now releasing your stress and frustration caused due to long day working can be brought down with a lusty sex doll.

What kind of Torso Sex Doll is fit for you?

Amwama torso sex doll is perfect for everyone, be it a beginner or experienced one. Everyone in life deserves love as well as companionship, but unfortunately, there are some people who lack these things in their life. But don’t worry because there is always a solution to the problem and for you TPR sex doll is the solution. This kind of doll is going to help you in enjoying the intimacy as well as sex without any stress that often comes when you are with someone.

There are times when people dream of having sex with their love but they are not successful in doing so; for them, torso sex doll can be a perfect gift. Sex doll torso is simple to use and also comes at pocket-friendly prices. It has smooth sexy breasts, big luscious butts, beautiful face and of course anatomical openings, giving you a perfect pleasure of sex. You can buy a sex doll without limbs or even with added thighs or shoulders.

They are available in different sizes as well as weighs as per your requirement. Since, they are very flexible so you can use them in different directions to have perfect sex time. The manufacturers of torso doll make use of quality materials like TPE and silicon as well as pay attention to every detail be it breast or genital. When you have sex with doll torsos you will feel like having sex with your real women as the openings of sex are perfectly molded as well as texture.

How do Amwama Torso Sex Dolls Feel Like?

Kissing And Touching
When you go for silicone and TPE sex dolls then you are sure to have a feeling of the real thing. If you are looking for petits or round ass then you get the sex doll in the same way. The facial features, as well as body parts, are modeled exactly like the real person.

When you touch the doll, you are surely going to have a sensual feeling, while the face of the doll is soft and her mouth can be opened so you can easily touch her with your hands and tongue. If you love squeezy boobs, big butts, and soft perky nipples, then sex doll is a perfect solution for your sex needs.

Oral Sex
If you are fond of oral sex then torso sex doll can satisfy your need. Though, she will not be able to suck you like real women as she is known to give more pleasure of vaginal and anal sex.

Vaginal Sex
The vagina of a sex doll is designed exactly in the same manner as human anatomy. You won’t be able to find out the difference for sure. So have a perfect sex time with your torso sex doll. Therefore, make sure that you warm up the torso sex doll first in order to get the most genuine feeling. For this, you can make use of a heating blanket or vaginal heater.