Sex Doll Using and Cleaning & Maintenance

Sex Doll Using and Cleaning & Maintenance


1. Recommended use with water-based lubricant for better experience.

2. Please wash it with fresh water and some neutral soap would be better, use a soft cloth to wipe it dry with care and then let it air-dry.

3. After drying, gently dusting corn starch on the surface to prevent the skin from becoming sticky and helps to extend the service life.

4. Recommended use Amwama sex doll washer and drying stick to clean and dry the tunnels, which is specially developed for sex doll cleaning and drying.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

1. In the normal state or when the sex doll is not used, please keep her legs together and stay in a straight lying position to avoid damage to the joint skin.

2. Please note that the TPE sex dolls are easy to stain, please avoid choosing dark or easily faded clothes. (Lingerie is not included.)

3. Please clean and dry with care to avoid damage to the skin.

4. Please keep away from sharp objects, keep in a cool dark place.


Drying Stick                                                     Heating Rod


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